Christian and Muslim community members, including representatives from the Sunni and
Luton Councils of Mosques as well as Luton Council of Faiths, gathered in the Bury Park
Area of Luton today to express their solidarity and commitment to working together to
oppose extremism following yesterday’s flash demonstration in Luton by Britain First. Around
20 members of the far right group claimed to be a “Christian Patrol” as walked through
Dunstable Road carrying crosses. They were highly provocative in their words and actions.

Peter Adams from St Mary’s Church said:

“By their actions, Britain First has corrupted the message of the cross, which for us is a symbol of reconciliation, forgiveness and selfless love. We regret that they were able to come and reject their actions. In Luton, we will stay at peace.”

Flowers and messages of peace were handed out to passers-by and local business owners,
whose livelihoods were disrupted by Britain First. Muslims, Christians and those of other
faiths and none, walking together to reassure the community demonstrated the true spirit of
Luton and community relations.

Mohammad Walayat of Luton Central Mosque said:

“This was a lovely gesture from our Christian friends, and as always we are proud to stand beside them. We know through our strong working relationships and friendships that Britain First does not represent the Christian faith or values. Loving our neighbour and living peacefully alongside them is at the core of both Islam and Christianity”.