Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACEs)

Luton Mosques have been working with the Christian community and other faith representatives for a number of years to respond to the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Research shows that victims and perpetrators of abuse are found in all communities, and yet media coverage has often ignored the breadth of the problem, focusing instead on faith communities. If this is not challenged we do a disservice to the majority of victims, whose experiences of abuse don’t fit one particular profile – and we risk allowing fear to divide and damage our communities.

Through Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACEs) we work to raise awareness of the issue and implement a proactive, victim-centred approach to challenging the exploitation of children and young people whatever it is happening.

As well as training Imams and church leaders, we are developing workshops for schools and are seeking to hire a development worker. More information can be found or our Facebook page or our website.

Strategic guidance and capacity development

For a number of years, Luton Council of Mosques have worked with the Luton Safeguarding Children’s Board to facilitate the training of teachers and Imams in mosques and after-school learning programmes across the county.

This has included:

  • Level 1 and 2 Safeguarding training for Imams and teachers in mosques and madrassahs
  • Lay member representation on the Luton Safeguarding Children’s Board from 2014-2017
  • Policy development e.g. 2010 draft safeguarding guidance for mosques and madrassahs
  • Provision of model safeguarding policies to mosques across the town for implementation at their institute.
  • A review of existing quality frameworks which include safeguarding and governance issues and have been established in other areas such as Newham, Kirklees, Bradford and Birmingham.
  • Discussing how the Safeguarding Standards Toolkit could be effectively set as a benchmark for developing local processes at mosques and madrassah.