Faith advice

Providing guidance on Islamic faith and practise to service providers on issues such as halal food procurement, death and burial services.


We promote the needs and aspirations of the Muslim community on issues ranging from burglaries to international aid and Islamophobia.


Working closely with other faith communities and the local authority, we advise and develop local capacity.


We drive and support a range of community campaigns to support local initiatives like Luton Foodbank and NHS Health checks.


Luton mosques have developed a clear position on discriminatory policies and have published our position openly.

“With the tense political environment, Im so pleased someone has had the courage to set up this campaign. Having been a victim of discrimination, I didnt know who to share it with and where to go for support, until now. Thank you Luton Mosques.”

Luton has more than 26 mosques which work together through the umbrella organisations – Luton Council of Mosques and the Luton Sunni Council of Mosques – to practise their faith, encourage good and raise awareness about Islam and the Muslim community. This site presents some of the recent work of Luton mosques.

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