There are a number of areas which Luton mosques are consulted in relation to faith practice. These include:

Halal food

A number of schools across Luton purchase their meat through the approved local authority supplier. Luton mosques have been consulted for advice in relation to the requirements for halal meat supply to cater for Muslims across the town.

Luton mosques developed this criterion for halal slaughter in 2016 following conversations with halal accreditation suppliers and scholars nationally.

Criteria of Halal Slaughter

Death and the community graveyard

MRI non-invasive autopsy

Following a number of faith discussions nationally, Luton mosques worked with the Coroner’s office and local councillors to consider an alternative approach to post-mortems by offering a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan rather than an intrusive autopsy.

In the instance where a GP or the Hospital cannot verify the cause of death, the family can approach the coroner’s office and request a MRI scan rather than the traditional surgical type of postmortem. It is still at the discretion of the coroner although they will try to accommodate the family’s request for a MRI scan where possible.

This service is available through Bismillah Funeral Service (01582 514646) or Neville Funeral Services (01582 490005).

More information about death and the burial process are available in our Islamic burial section.

Vale Cemetery

As the capacity requirements increase at the graveyard, Luton mosques have been consulted about the expansion of the Vale Cemetery to ensure the requirement for Muslim graves to face the qibla direction as they develop their footpath and walkway.

Out of hours service – Register office

Through the ongoing advocacy and partnership work of Imam Chishti and local councillors in Luton, the local authority now offers an emergency call out service on Saturday & Sunday from 9 to 11am by calling mobile number 07770 636038 to  register a death out of office hours. To use this service:

  • you will need a death certificate (Medical Certificate Cause of Death)
  • there mustn’t be any referral to the Coroner.

The registrar cannot go ahead with the registration until the coroner has issued the necessary clearance/paperwork. As the coroner does not provide an out of hours service at the weekend the registration will be deferred until the clearance has been received from the Coroner’s office. Further information is available here.

More information about death and the burial process are available in our Islamic burial section.