With the General Elections only a matter of weeks away, the Muslim Community needs to know where our political candidates stand on issues that are important to us. Issues such as the Prevent agenda – is it targeting the Muslims unfairly?; the daily negative representation in the media of Muslims – our beliefs, practices and our role models; support for the people of Palestine; position on Halal meat/ the rise of Islamaphobia and anti-Muslims hate crime etc.

Luton Council of Mosques (LCM) has organised an event which will allow you to ask questions and hear the position of political candidates for Luton South on issues affecting us all. Question Time with the local Muslim community will take place on Friday 17th April 2015 on Leagrave Road starting at 6pm. Candidates for the following political parties will be in attendance: Conservatives. Labour, Lib Dems, Green, UKIP and an Independent.

The event is open to all. This is a unique opportunity for the Muslim community to articulate the issues that concern us, ensure our views are represented, shape our future as Muslims living in Britain, demonstrate we will no longer be silent and will hold those seeking to represent our community as a Member of Parliament for next 5 years accountable to us.

Some of the manifesto questions which have already been raised have been captured in this Manifesto pledge form