Masjid Overview

Name: UKIM Madinah Masjid

Established: 1974

Location: 128-130 Oak Rd, Luton LU4 8AQ


History and Background

UKIM Madinah Masjid was established in 1974 as the town’s second masjid and is the Luton South branch of the UK Islamic Mission charity. The masjid has been a cornerstone in fostering spiritual development and community cohesion focusing on education, charity and outreach. Its founding was inspired by the growing need for a dedicated space where the local Muslim community could practice their faith and come together under shared beliefs and values.

Masjid Services and Audience
Capacity: 300 attendees

Prayer Services

  • 5 times daily prayer
  • Jumu’ah (Friday) congregation
  • Taraweeh night prayers during Ramadan
  • Eid prayers

Educational Programs

  • Madrasah for 150 children and teenagers
  • Daily Quranic studies (Urdu) after evening prayers during the week
  • Weekly Bangla reminders every Thursday
  • Friday Juz Junction – reading 1/30th of the Qur’an weekly (Arabic) followed by a discussion in English
  • Saturday adult Hifdh programme
  • Sunday al-Ishaara Qur’an classes for deaf or hard of hearing
  • Toddlers Play & Stay session every Tuesday
  • Free literature and Qur’ans available
  • Quarterly Qur’an Story Night programme

Community and Social Welfare Initiatives

  • Weekly Food bank and charity drives
  • Counselling and support groups
  • Weekly teenage youth club and monthly Qiyam programme
  • Refugee support


  • New Muslims
  • Local Muslim families
  • Youth and students
  • Elders
  • Wider Luton community members interested in Islamic faith

Operations and Collaborations

Madinah Masjid operates with a committee of community volunteers who oversee various initiatives and programs. The masjid collaborates with local businesses, educational institutions, and other religious organizations to enhance its outreach and impact. These partnerships have been instrumental in launching successful community service projects and interfaith dialogues.

How would we describe ourselves?

Madinah Masjid is known for its strong youth engagement programs that not only focus on religious education but also on personal development and community service. The masjid emphasizes inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring programs cater to all demographics, including women, refugees, and non-Muslim community members.

Community Impact and Testimonials


  • Delivery of the towns only weekly special needs Qur’an programme
  • Collaboration with a range of community partners from Luton Town Football Club and Active Luton to Luton Foodbank and the Fire Service
  • Notable increase in community participation in masjid-led initiatives


“I took my shahada here before Eid in 2023 and I enjoy learning and unravelling the truth about how to get closer to God” Mark Stevens

Future Plans and Projects

Madinah Masjid is currently fundraising for the Madinah centre – a community hub which will house many social projects and youth activities.

How to Get Involved

Community members interested in supporting or participating in Madinah Masjid’s initiatives can contact the masjid through our website, or visit during service hours for more direct engagement.