We are upset and angered by the appalling attacks carried out at London Bridge and
Borough Market yesterday; in which 7 people lost their lives and 48 were injured. Our
thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families. We stand united with London in
grief today.

The actions of these individuals are particularly galling in the Islamic month of Ramadhan
when Muslims globally seek to immerse themselves in reflecting in the Islamic principles of
mercy and compassion, through acts of fasting, charity and prayer. Indeed, most Muslims
would have been standing in night prayers when the attack took place. It is clear that these
people have no concern or respect for life nor religion and we refuse to allow them to align
themselves with Islam. God, in all His glory, does not need your murder and violence.

Since the events have unfolded, we have however also been heartened by the response of
many in our nation and the truly remarkable stories of those who stood up to support each
other. We pay tribute to all those people, and of course to our emergency services who
once again acted swiftly and bravely to come to the aid of those affected.

Our message to extremists remains the same and our resolve just as strong: we continue to
stand in defiance of the hate and division which you seek to create, and stand together with
our friends and neighbours in love and solidarity.