We wanted to highlight some of the great responses to our Islamophobia awareness campaign in Nov 2022 – many thanks to all supporters and advocates – this really does showcase the best qualities of our town.

The impact of Islamophobia – roundtable discussion held at the Discover Islam centre

Grassroots organisations, youth voices, public service providers and representatives from the Local Authority attended a round-table discussion to discuss the rise of Islamophobia, the impact it has and how we can combat it collectively.

Luton Borough Council

Sarah Owen MP – Luton North

A sterling effort by our Labour MP for Luton North who is also the Shadow Minister for Local Government & Faith, in addressing Islamophobia awareness on national radio and digital channels, and driving towards a unified definition of Islamophobia.

Corporate conversations on Islamophobia

Many corporate events took place throughout November and we really enjoyed watching this discussion about Islamophobia at Nuffield Health as it highlighted workforce implications and shared some practical suggestions about developing inclusive environments.

Bedfordshire Police

Raising awareness with other faith communities


Luton Sixth Form College