In the year ending March 2022, where the perceived religion of the victim was recorded, two in five (42%) of religious hate crime offences were targeted against Muslims (3,459 offences out of 8307 cases providing information on targeted religion hate crime). Nearly half of all religious hate crime is directed at Muslims. Muslims are more likely to be the victim of religious hate crime than any other religious group. This highlights how Islamophobia continues to be an issue in society.

Luton Mosques are actively involved in supporting Islamophobia Awareness Month with Friday sermons being dedicated to the topic as part of the national campaign. We aims to raise awareness of Islamophobia in society, as well as showcasing the positive contributions of Muslims in the UK.

We want to see a society that is understanding and inclusive, and free from all aspects of the spectrum of Islamophobia. Working with community, business and charitable partners, we will be sharing messages throughout the month on this topic.

Resources for schools, employers and supporters are available at