The Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, have secured a majority in the general election and will form the next government.

The Luton Council of Mosques and the Luton Sunni Council of Mosques have consistently raised concerns about the longstanding issue of the prevalence of racism and anti-Muslim bigotry in the Conservative Party. These concerned were validated by the party’s own Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in our Luton South constituency, Parvez Akhtar, who shared at a hustings event that he had personally experienced “a list of Islamophobic instances within the Conservative Party”. Given this context, there is a palpable sense of fear and anxiety in our community.

In choosing to lead the country, Mr Johnson has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all its citizen. We call upon Mr Johnson and the Conservative Party to reflect on the divisive nature of this election campaign and understand the hurt caused to marginalised communities. We hope that this is acknowledged and that they seek to engage with, and reassure all communities.

To our community we say this: we understand your fear and concern. We will continue to work hard to have your voices heard. Beyond this, we place our trust in God.