To Britain First,

Members of your organisation decided to come and demonstrate in our town again this weekend.

This is the third time in less than a year.

A large representative group of Lutonians expressed their views to you in a statement last year when we heard of your intention to march in our town in the summer. We highlighted to you the
implications of such demonstrations on Luton. We are incredibly disappointed that Britain First have continued to disregard the views of the people of this town.

To be clear, over the last few months, the costs of Britain First Demonstrations in Luton have
exceeded £100,000. This is completely unacceptable, particularly in these times of austerity where we have seen significant cutbacks to local services; including the loss of some of the town’s libraries. Local businesses, big and small, have had to endure a loss in earnings as a direct result of your actions.

The damage you do however goes beyond the financial. Luton is a super-diverse, vibrant and
cohesive town with much to offer. We resent the constant attempts to damage the reputation of
our town by portraying it in a negative and indeed, dishonest way. We are hardworking, decent folk who seek to live peaceably with one another. We reject the efforts of those who seek to divide us along the lines of race or religion.

This is not to say that we are shutting down debate. We reiterate our past offers to engage in
respectful dialogue with you to address any concerns and grievances. The door is open.

As proud Britons and Lutonians, we hold dear the universal values of good manners, courtesy and decency. We urge Britain First to do the same and show respect for the people of Luton.

The Sunni Council of Mosques
The Luton Council of Mosques