Statement – murder of Father Jacques Hamel

Dear Bishop Peter, We are writing to express our deep sadness at the brutal attack which took place in Rouen, which resulted in the murder of Father Jacques Hamel. The fact that these events took place inside a place where people gather to worship God and share his message of love and
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Open letter to Britain First

To Britain First, Members of your organisation decided to come and demonstrate in our town again this weekend. This is the third time in less than a year. A large representative group of Lutonians expressed their views to you in a statement last year when we heard of your intention to march

Paris attacks – statement from Luton mosques

The Muslim Community of Luton is deeply saddened and appalled by the horrific attacks which took place in Paris yesterday. The level of barbarism and violence shown by the perpetrators is truly horrendous. We recognise the immeasurable pain and suffering that the families and friends of the victims will be feeling, and
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Response to far right demonstration in Luton

The community of Luton is disappointed that Britain First has chosen to come to our town to express views which we consider to be harmful and divisive to all our communities. As proud members of the Luton community we strongly oppose this action. Luton has had to endure many such demonstrations over the years, all

Luton hustings event

With the General Elections only a matter of weeks away, the Muslim Community needs to know where our political candidates stand on issues that are important to us. Issues such
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Thanks to the Christian community

Christian and Muslim community members, including representatives from the Sunni and Luton Councils of Mosques as well as Luton Council of Faiths, gathered in the Bury Park Area of Luton today to express their solidarity and commitment to working together to oppose extremism following yesterday’s flash demonstration in Luton by Britain First.
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2011 AGM Report

Following a busy year of activity, the outgoing Luton Mosques secretary presented activities, local mosques have been busy with over the last 12 months. This presentation captures an overview of the strategic workstreams, partnerships and key achievements. Luton Mosques annual report 2010-2011

Horn of Africa fundraising

As millions starved in the devastating famine which struck the Horn of Africa in July 2011, many generous members of the Luton donated as part of a local Friends of

Faith event

Luton Council of Faiths invited Luton Council of Mosques to speak at their fantastic 10th anniversary event at the University of Bedfordshire. Titled “Lets face it together” the event focused