Statement – London Bridge and Borough Market attacks

We are upset and angered by the appalling attacks carried out at London Bridge and Borough Market yesterday; in which 7 people lost their lives and 48 were injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families. We stand united with London in grief today. The actions of these individuals

Islamophobia on the rise in the UK

Britain has an “acceptance” of anti-Muslim rhetoric that would not be tolerated for other minorities, it has been claimed. Matthew Feldman, who studies the contemporary far-right in Europe, also outlined

Statement – Finsbury Park attack

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with the victims and families of all those affected by the attack in Finsbury Park. This was a cowardly and shameful act of barbarism. It is particularly galling that it occurred as worshippers were leaving their mosque, following an evening of prayers and reflection on God's
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FACEs workshops with faith leaders

Luton Council of Mosques and the Sunni Council of Mosques have been working with Luton Churches as part of Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACEs) with a commitment to safeguard all children in Luton from sexual exploitation. In March, we delivered a successful training session to approximately 60 faith leaders from across the

Statement – Westminster attacks

The Muslim community in Luton stands together with London to express our sadness at the senseless loss of lives in Westminster today. We extend our sympathy and condolences to all those who are grieving for loved one’s tonight; and those injured and traumatised by this barbaric and depraved act of violence. We

Statement – attack on Coptic chapel

Dear Bishop Angaelos, We are writing to express our deep sadness at the senseless loss of lives in a terrorist attack which took place this weekend at a Coptic Orthodox chapel, adjacent to St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims during

Prevent position

Following the introduction of the Prevent Duty and the Counter Extremism Strategy of October 2015, the Muslim community in Luton, through its main representatives, the Luton Council of Mosques (LCM), the Sunni Council of Mosques (SCM) and the Luton Shia Community alongside other community organisations, approached Luton Borough Council (LBC) to discuss

Statement – murder of Father Jacques Hamel

Dear Bishop Peter, We are writing to express our deep sadness at the brutal attack which took place in Rouen, which resulted in the murder of Father Jacques Hamel. The fact that these events took place inside a place where people gather to worship God and share his message of love and
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Open letter to Britain First

To Britain First, Members of your organisation decided to come and demonstrate in our town again this weekend. This is the third time in less than a year. A large representative group of Lutonians expressed their views to you in a statement last year when we heard of your intention to march

Paris attacks – statement from Luton mosques

The Muslim Community of Luton is deeply saddened and appalled by the horrific attacks which took place in Paris yesterday. The level of barbarism and violence shown by the perpetrators is truly horrendous. We recognise the immeasurable pain and suffering that the families and friends of the victims will be feeling, and