>>> Communications sent on 22nd February 2018

Dear Gavin

I write to you with some urgency on the deteriorating situation in Ghouta a suburb of Damascus, Syria. Over 400,000 civilians reside in Ghouta and as I write this email they are experiencing the horrors of airstrikes and shelling. Within days hundreds of civilians have been killed in targeted strikes and warplanes are currently attacking everything that hasn’t been destroyed.

We have witnessed on the national news and on social media the atrocity that is being committed in Ghouta and the lack of humanity towards a civilian population. The deliberate bombing and targeting of an area occupied by families, women and children are being witnessed by the world.  It is heartbreaking to know people are trapped in Ghouta without sufficient food, water, electricity and functioning hospitals as the horrors of airstrikes intensify around them and the dead and injured increase.

As our local MP, we urge you to strongly advocate the need for a humanitarian response to this crisis. We urgently request you write to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary to pursue the establishment of a ceasefire in order to allow safe passage of civilians from Ghouta. We urge you to initiate and support a cross-party effort in responding to this unfolding catastrophe. We urge you not to look the other way as the coming days will determine if this will be the Srebrenica and Rwanda of our generation.

As faith communities we hold onto the hope our humanity will prevail and our leaders will have the courage to do what is right.

Yours Sincerely

Luton Mosques

>>> Awaiting response