You should encourage the one who is ill, while remaining patient with them, to:

  1. Make dua (supplications) to Allah(SWT) for the best outcome. There must be sincerity towards Allah in the dua, and sincerely turning to Him with humility. Encourage them to seek out the times when prayers are answered, for when a person raises his hand to Allah(SWT) in dua, Allah (SWT) is reluctant that the person should remain empty-handed.Remind them not to be hasty in seeking a response, for Allah (SWT) may delay the answer for a reason that is known to Him, so you should be patient and have certain faith. Remember that the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Call upon Allah when you are certain of receiving a response, and remember that Allah does not answer a du’aa that comes from a heedless heart.”

  2. Show patience for Allah(SWT) is testing them through this illness and He (SWT) may have something far better for them in return for their short period of trial
  3. Try not to complain. There have been many times of ease and joy they have experienced and inshaAllah, this challenging time will pass soon.
  4. Repent to Allah (SWT)