Running Mad is proud to present the Great Mosque Challenge! This is a grassroots initiative to help support local mosques by completing a personal challenge ourselves in the blessed month of Ramadan. Pick a challenge where you can push your limits in a safe way. Here are a few ideas for challenges, and we encourage you all to get the whole family involved, and maybe even gift the medal to your children for Eid:

  • Run around the garden 100 times in Ramadan
  • Wake up for Sehri every morning
  • Read all 5 salat through Ramadan
  • Read 1 juz of the Quran in a day
  • Complete the entire Quran as a family
  • 5k walk/jog

Rest assured that 100% of the total entry fee (£25) will be donated to a Masjid as these 400 medals have been kindly sponsored by the businesses mentioned below.

The funds will be distributed to the mosques you nominate providing vital funds to support these institutions that so tirelessly support us in our lives, especially during Ramadan, but most importantly through the current pandemic, where they are unable to raise vital funds through the lockdown.


  1. Decide on your personal challenge and then register at
  2. Fill out a masjid nomination form at  specifying which Masjid you would like your donation to be sent to.
  3. Complete your challenge and provide evidence of completion with a screenshot, testimonial or photo by logging in at
  4. Once we have verified your successful completion, we will arrange for your medal to be sent out. Please note: Due to the national lockdown, medals are due to arrive in a couple of weeks. You can still enter and complete the challenge and medals will be delivered to you as soon as they arrive, hopefully before Eid inshaAllah.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for making this project happen and allowing us to raise funds for the Masjids in the UK.

  • AH Design
  • Paps The Lion
  • Active Support
  • Eurasia
  • Woolfe & Co Solicitors
  • Buffalo Grill
  • Blue Orchid
  • Al-Hiraa
  • BizSigns
  • Pulse Media
  • Himalaya
  • Biscot Pharmacy
  • Harlington Law
  • VR Services
  • Remedium Medical Solutions

Enter today at

Please note: Each entry will have 1 nomination to choose where to donate their entry fee.