A collective meeting of the majority of Luton mosques was held in Luton Central mosque earlier today to address a range of community issues, primarily focused on security and safeguarding for mosques and the Muslim community. More than 45 members attended the meeting including Imams, committee members and volunteers with diverse representation and presentations from Lantern women’s group, the Islamophobia working group and the mosques subcommittee reinforcing the community position on Prevent.

Some of the outcomes from the meeting included:

  • Supporting the Islamophobia working group by circulating the Bedfordshire Police hate-crime statement (available here).
  • Visiting the Community Safety Trust as recommended by the Police force to observe a well-established grassroots safety model. A meeting about security protocol is scheduled in the coming week for mosques.
  • Representation at a community round-table with local businesses, community organisations and service providers to review stronger collaboration against hate-crime and Islamophobia.
  • Wider involvement and coordination on Discover Ramadan, youth activities and community engagement events.
  • Quarterly meetings to address burial facilities, faith collaborations and scholarly matters related to prayer times and moonsighting.