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Bedfordshire Police are urging people to take action to help prevent their property being burgled. 

The warning comes after a spate of burglaries over the weekend, with the Stopsley and Caddington areas being particularly targeted.

There were a total of 37 break-ins reported over the weekend – with 15 in those two areas.

Detective Constable Ben Stone said: “We are working hard to crack down on burglary and arrest those responsible, however, we’re also urging the public to follow our crime prevention advice to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

“Please remember to double-lock doors if you can, and secure all entry points to the property. Leave a light on if you’re heading out for the evening so it looks like someone is home, and please keep an eye out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

“Some of these burglaries have seen offenders claiming to work for either the police or the water board in order to gain access, so we’re also reminding people of our bogus caller advice and to never allow access to your property to someone you don’t know. If you have an elderly relative in Bedfordshire, please speak to them about the recent burglaries and remind them of our advice, as well as to report any suspicious activity directly to us.”

Burglary prevention advice

  • Use your lights at home – keep them on a timer when you are out so it looks like someone is home
  • Make sure all doors on your house and vehicle are securely locked at all times. If you have a UPVC door at home, make sure it is double-locked
  • Keep all valuables and keys safely out of sight from windows, both in your home and car. Close curtains with a light on indoors
  • Never leave garages or sheds unlocked – not only can valuable tools be appealing to thieves, they can also be used to force entry to your home
  • Don’t hide your keys under a doormat or in a flowerpot – it’s the first place a would-be offender will look
  • Ask a friend to keep an eye on your house when you go away, and do the same for neighbours by remaining alert to suspicious activity in your street
  • If you have an unexpected knock on the door never open it to strangers, consider installing a door chain and always keep it on
  • If unsure of the visitor’s identity always ask for their ID first and telephone the company they are purporting to be from, and use the telephone numbers listed in your local directory or provided independently by your service provider.

Please report any suspicious activity to Bedfordshire Police by calling 101 or visiting the force’s online reporting centre.

You can also give information about crime to Crimestoppers, completely anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Message originally prepared by
Charlotte Parker (Police, Communications and Media Officer, Bedfordshire)