The Council of Masaajid is dedicated to fostering unity, collaboration, and effective Islamic guidance within the Muslim community. Our vision is to be a beacon of strength, providing a platform for a unified Islamic voice that resonates with clarity and respect for the diverse religious positions of individual member masaajid.


  1. Unity and Collaboration: Building confidence in the Muslim community through a united front.
  2. Effective Guidance: Strengthening the impact of Islamic advice and guidance for societal benefit.
  3. Representation: Giving voice to Islamic narratives in social and political arenas.

Strategic Goals

To realize our vision and uphold our values, the Council of Masaajid will:

  1. Leverage Communication Platforms:
    • Articulate cross-cutting social positions reflecting community expectations e.g. global issues, education.
    • Engage quarterly with politicians and service providers.
    • Facilitate bi-annual cross-masaajid collaborations.
  2. Gather insight and respond to Masaajid Needs:
    • Regularly update contacts with all member masaajid.
    • Host quarterly meetings for continuous improvement and contribution.
    • Enhance resource access to present Islam using technology, targeted communication and contemporary media.
  3. Invest in Leadership & Management development :
    • Tailored training and continuous professional development focused on enhancing leadership, management, and community engagement skills.
    • Providing access to resources and courses on Islamic scholarship, management, conflict resolution, and community development.
    • Workshops on contemporary issues facing the Muslim community, enhancing the ability of Imams and committee members to provide relevant and impactful guidance.
  4. Compliance excellence
    • Guidance on Legal and Regulatory Matters on masaajid operations, charity commission regulations and other legal requirements.
    • Creating a central repository of key compliance documents and templates.
    • Organizing workshops to educate masaajid on compliance requirements and best practices.
    • Offering consultancy services to assist masaajid in navigating complex compliance challenges.
    • Instituting annual reviews to assess and ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and Islamic standards.
    • Providing feedback and support for masaajid to address areas of improvement.


To achieve these goals, the Council will employ a dedicated worker, initially part-time, committed to making these objectives a reality, InshaAllah. This role will be pivotal in steering the Council towards excellence and in serving the wider Muslim community with distinction.

This charter outlines the path forward for the Council of Masaajid to become an exemplary institution that satisfies social needs, remains enduring in structure, and becomes a traditional, respected entity within the Muslim community.