The disproportionate medical impact of Covid-19 cases on BAME communities is clear to us all.  What is less clear is the impact the current pandemic will have (and is having) on the children in our schools. This listening activity is being undertaken by school and community leaders and, through the listening project, we hope to support schools as they respond to the different ways the pandemic has impacted on their community.

Online survey link

Why Luton Council are consulting

The purpose of this activity is to:

  • Raise awareness among school leaders of the issues they may face (are facing) when students are asked to return to school
  • Develop greater understanding of the issues facing different communities
  • Identify possible strategies that may be useful in meeting some of the needs that have arisen

We would ask that you talk to members of your community, whilst of course adhering to social distancing at all times.

Then complete the online survey at, focusing on what is particularly important and what would help school leaders support students from BAME communities.