Luton mosque representatives met with Chief Executive, Robin Porter, at Bury Park Masjid this week to discuss Luton Airport expansion plans for the second terminal which will increase capacity at the airport, create jobs and boost the regions economically. Aspirations include:

*   45 per cent of passengers using public transport (Luton DART)
*   20 per cent clean energy use on-site
*   100 per cent renewable energy sources
*   a switch to zero or low-carbon ground fleets
*   clean electric standing power to aircraft
*   electric vehicle charging points
*   net zero-carbon infrastructure for the new terminal

Proposals also include a new £14m yearly fund for communities most affected by airport operations and a bigger and better new open space for Wigmore Valley Park.

Luton Borough Council are seeking views on the expansion plans. You can find out more about the plans and have your say via at ‪